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Vitamins and Essential Fatty Acids

Deficiencies of these nutrients can lead to MS development

Vitamin D:
The idea that a deficiency of vitamin D could be a strong cause of MS is not so crazy. The first step in the vitamin D process occurs when you go outside on a sunny day. When the sunshine hits your exposed skin, the skin produces vitamin D. Vitamin D has powerful antioxidant properties. This means vitamin D, like the more familiar antioxidant vitamins C and E helps to reduce the activity of damaging free radicals which are chemicals used by the immune system to destroy tissue. 

In MS, increased activity of free radicals destroys the myelin covering over the nerve cells. This is why antioxidants are key players in the nutritional part of a comprehensive MS low saturated fat diet program.  

Vitamin B12:
Support for the importance of vitamin B12 in helping with MS condition goes back to the 1950s. In 1957 German researchers published data demonstrating profound deficiencies of vitamin B12 in the blood of MS patients. Their results have been repeatedly confirmed with more recent medical publications showing low B12 levels, not only in the blood, but also in the cerebrospinal fluid of patients with MS.

One of the most important functions of vitamin B12 in humans is its role in the formation and maintenance of myelin which is the important insulating covering over nerves of the central nervous system. Vitamin B12 deficiency not only enhances the destruction of myelin during an MS attack, but can also compromise the body’s ability to repair the damaged myelin after the storm of destruction has subsided. 

In addition to the important role of this vitamin in the formation, maintenance and repair of myelin, B12 has a direct stabilizing effect on the immune system. Thus, deficiency of vitamin B12 renders an MS patient more vulnerable to the damaging effects of over-activity of the immune system – the fundamental flaw in MS.

I have discovered a very reliable source of food that contains vitamin B12. It is the wild crafted organic micro algae. The scientific name of this food is AFA (Aphanizomenon flos-aquae). I would be happy to email you research that shows that this amazing organic micro algae is the only plant source of active vitamin B12. Please contact me if you want me to email you this research. I have been enjoying 2 grams of this micro algae every day for the last 10 years. It has certainly helped me increase my energy and gave me a better sense of wellbeing. 

I want to stress the importance of getting your vitamins like the B12 from a food source not from injections or sublingual supplements as promoted in natural health clinics. Members of the B12 vitamin family exist in a close interrelationship with each other, so an inadequate intake of one may impair the utilization of others. Thus, large doses of one member of the B complex like vitamin B12 can create a vitamin imbalance and precipitate deficiency of other members of the B complex. This is why it is important to rely on a food source like the organic micro algae to get one’s B12 nutrient.

Essential Fatty Acids in Multiple Sclerosis:

MS appears to share with many other neurological diseases a lipid imbalance arising from faulty lipid metabolism and involving the essential fatty acids. It  was found through research that the organic micro algae is one of the foods highest in EFA. Please contact me if you would like to read the research about the EFA content in the algae I eat and its ability to increase serum level of LNA, EPA, DHA, and how that has beneficial effect on MS.

I could go on listing all the wonderful nutrients I discovered in a variety of foods that are helping me survive MS harsh and painful symptoms. A poor diet can be one of the main causes of MS and diet can also be key in stopping, controlling, and reversing symptoms of MS.

The answer to MS is diet:

I’m offering to be your coach in helping you eat a healthier diet without large extra cost, no deleterious side effects, and no risk to health or life.   

So, let’s begin your health promoting diet and lifestyle by clicking here to get my questionnaire that will give me a chance to learn about your health background. As a result, I can customize an effective dietary and food based supplement program for you. You should not suffer unnecessarily from MS.

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